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Calories Burned On Average

When used properly, the treadmill can be a sure-fire way to burn off stubborn body fat. Running on the treadmill will burn between 600 and 1200 calories per hour, depending on your body weight, the incline level, your speed, and if you’re a man or a woman. On average, men will burn about 12 calories per minute while running. Women generally burn about 10 calories per minute while running.

Want Something More Precise?

Again, these numbers are just an average, and they’ll differ slightly amongst different people. Almost all good treadmills will have a calorie counter built in, and it will take things like incline, speed, time, and your weight into consideration. Even better, look into buying a heart rate monitor. Nowadays, you wear these around your wrist like a watch. They’re small, affordable, and extremely precise. Not only will they take your heart rate into account to more accurately calculate your calorie burning, they’ll also tell you if you’re working hard enough to effectively burn fat. A great brand of these monitors is Polar – just google them for more information.

Tips To Burn More Calories On A Treadmill

  • Use The Incline. This is an easy way to force larger groups of muscles to work, thus allowing you to burn more calories.
  • Add Intervals. Alternate periods of extremely high intensity with periods of low intensity. Studies have shown that this increases the amount of calories your body burns for hours after your workout.
  • Avoid The Handrails. When you lean on the handrails you effectively make your body weigh a lot less than it really is. This makes it a lot easier for you to run, and slashes the amount of calories you burn by a significant amount. If you’re trying to lose weight, ditch the handrails.

The Benefits Of A Treadmill

  • All-Weather. Obviously, if you live in North Dakota you probably won’t be seen running down the street in December. The biggest advantage of the treadmill in my opinion is its ability to allow you to exercise at any time of the year, no matter what mother nature is up to.
  • Incline. If you live somewhere flat, like Australia or the Prairies, then you know that hills are in short supply. Using the incline feature of a treadmill really works wonders on your legs and is a great way to burn more calories.
  • Distractions. For those of you who can’t stand doing cardio, or say you don’t have time to exercise, this benefit is for you. You can plunk the treadmill in front of your TV and let the time fly by as you watch Oprah re-runs on your hi-def TV while surrounded by Dolby surround sound. Instead of sitting on the couch, put your time to better use by spending some of it on the treadmill.
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