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It’s bbq season, and if you’re anything like me you like to enjoy a couple (or 3) cold beers while you’re out cooking in the warm summer sun.

This can be somewhat problematic if you’re trying to maintain a set of abs or lose some winter weight off your midriff. I believe in moderation though, and if beer is one of those things that you really enjoy, you shouldn’t cut it out of your life completely.

You can easily fit in a couple beers and still maintain a daily caloric deficit (if you’re trying to lose fat) every now and again, just don’t go overboard and crush 12 on a whim. That’s how you end up like this guy.

It’s worth noting that beer isn’t healthy per say, rather, steps can be taken to lessen its ill effect on your body. There are light beers which are those with lower calories (and a lower percentage of alcohol) than their fully-brewed counterparts, then there are those beers that aren’t light or particularly low on calories but are higher in antioxidants and minerals, like iron. One could argue that these are “healthier” beers, and they’re often touted as such (even on health and fitness websites), but they really shouldn’t be thought of as such. I'll tell you why below.

Even if a particular beer is higher in nutrients, minerals, or antioxidants, it’s still a beer. It’s still not a healthy source of calories and it’s still not a good place to get your fill of these things. A simple multivitamin and a balanced diet will get your much further without all the extra added empty calories of a beer. For this reason, I’ll define “healthy beer” as one that’s as low in calories as possible without tasting like dirt. For the record, this is completely possible, and I’ll list the top 5 healthy beers that are widely available (that also don’t suck) below.

The 6 Healthiest Beers of 2015 that Don't Suck:

1. Yuengling Light Lager

The most popular light beer among beer aficionados, some say this vintage beer (it was the first brewery to open in the United States) is the best of the best when it comes to light beers. Enough flavour to still be interesting (which is rare for a light beer), Yuengling Light Lager has a beautiful light amber body and is super clean on the palate. With only 99 calories this is must-try for those of you looking for a full-flavoured beer that won’t nuke your diet.


Alcohol Content: 3.8%
Calorie Count: 99
Carb Content: 6.6g

2. Guiness Draught

13355044“Guiness is Good for You!” That’s according to their old slogan anyway. While I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, it’s definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a beer that minimizes overall caloric intake while still tasting great. This comes as a bit of a surprise to most people since it’s rich, deep colour and taste probably would have you thinking its chockfull of calories. Not so. At only 125 calories per can, you can enjoy this non-light, full-flavoured beer relatively guilt free.

Alcohol Content: 4.0%
Calorie Count: 125
Carb Content: 10g

3. Sam Adams Light

sam_light_6pk__largeThis is a good beer in its own right, regardless of its “light” labelling. Slightly more watery than its original, this beer has a very malt-forward taste and is loaded with flavour. If you’ve ever tried the Boston Lager by Sam Adams, then you can think of this as just a slightly weaker version of that. A nice golden colour with a caramel malt taste, with only 119 calories it’s worth a look.


Alcohol Content:4.05%
Calorie Count: 119
Carb Content: 9.7g

4. Amstel Light

Amstel-LightAt only 95 calories per bottle, this is the lowest calorie beer on the list that won’t offend your tastebuds. Unlike many light beers that try to emulate their full-calorie counterpart, Amstel Light is a great light beer in its own right. Perhaps due to this, it beats out 95% of other light beers on the market in terms of taste. It has a pleasant initial aroma, mellow taste, a little hoppy bitterness, and is easy to drink. The only downside is that it’s a little pricier than most other light beers.

Alcohol Content: 3.5%
Calorie Count: 95
Carb Content: 5g

5. Heineken Light

Super-Bowl-easy-quick-snacks-that-are-healthy-like-Heineken-Light-beersHeineken happens to be one of my favourite beers (I’m part Dutch, after all), so I may be a little biased when it comes to this light beer. It’s more or less a watered-down version of Heineken beer with a couple subtle differences. It has a surprisingly present grainy aroma and a stronger hop presence than the original, probably making up for the lack of malt-flavour that is missing from its big brother beer. That being said, this is a nice, pale, light beer that will fit the healthy bill nicely with only 99 calories.

Alcohol Content: 3.5%
Calorie Count: 99
Carb Content: 6.8g

6. Corona Light

coronalightThe quintessential summer beer, I always picture the Corona commercials with the bottle against a backdrop of a beautiful tropical beach, a refreshing lime hanging off it, and tiny beads of ice-cold water trailblazing their way down the glass. With a faint malt aroma, it’s extremely drinkable and has a nice lightweight feel. With only 99 calories, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a refreshing drink under the sun.

Alcohol Content: 4.5%
Calorie Count: 99
Carb Content: 5g


Top 10 Lowest Calorie Beers in 2015:

If you’re interested in the absolute lowest calorie beers possible and are willing to sacrifice taste completely in exchange for a rockbottum calorie count, I’ve compiled this list below. A couple of them overlap with the above list, so for a taste/low calorie 1-2 punch, they might be your best bet.

1. Budweiser Select: 55 Calories

2. Beck’s Premier Light: 63 Calories

3. Miller 64: 64 Calories

4. Molson 67: 67 Calories

5. Amstel Light: 95 Calories

6. Michelob Ultra: 95 Calories

7. Natural Light: 95 Calories

8. Anheuser Busch Light Pale Lager: 95 Calories

9. Miller Light: 96 Calories

10. Heineken Light/Corona Light: 99 Calories


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