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If you go online and google how to lose weight in your thighs, you’re gonna get flooded with a whole lot of sites made by people who don’t really know what they’re talking about.

They’ll tell you to do all sorts of leg exercises or even ride a bike to get your thighs under control.

But, this doesn’t really address the problem, does it?

After all, leg exercises are designed to build muscle mass. Muscle mass adds size to your legs. And this is not what you’re after if you’re wanting to lose weight in your thighs, right?

If you’re unhappy with your thighs, it is likely due to one of three causes:

     1. You have too much fat on them.

     2. You have too much muscle on them.

     3. You have no discernible muscle tone.

More then likely, since you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re suffering from problem number 1 or 2, or both. You could also be suffering from problem 3, but not know it, since your fat is covering whatever muscle on your legs there may be.

how to lose weight in thighsNo matter if your problem is that you have too much fat on your thighs, or if you have too much muscle on your thighs, the solution to both problems is the same. You might not be happy to hear it, but the only sure-fire solution to lose your fat and/or your muscle on your thighs is to run, and run lots.

It’s called marathon cardio, or roadwork. It’s the same thing that boxers do to get down to weight before a big fight. It involves doing long periods of low intensity running. What do I mean by long periods of running? I mean at least 45 minutes, and anywhere up to 1 hour.

Running with low intensity for a fairly long period of time will also have the effect of toning your leg muscles, making the need to work them with traditional legs exercises disappear. It also won’t make your leg muscles visibly larger – so long as you run for at least 45 minutes per session. Think about it for a second, you don’t see any long distance runners out there with thighs the size of tree trunks, do you? No, and there is good reason for this.

This solution isn’t pretty, but it does work, and it is the only thing that definitely will work on your thighs. This solution works just as well for men as it does for women. 

That said, it may be very difficult, if not impossible for you to go out and start cardio sessions of that length if you don’t already exercise regularly. You’ll need to start small, and work your way up to that amount. Don’t expect any miracles right off the bat, but by the time you get up to 45 minutes in a row at least 4 times a week, you will begin to see results almost immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t run for 10 minutes straight. Just start low and slow, and try to add 1 minute to your overall time each time you run.

Want better results, and want them faster?

If you want to speed up your results, then run more often. If you aren’t happy with your results, then run more often. Take it up to an hour a day, 7 days a week until you’re happy with the appearance and size of your thighs. It’s not easy, but you will get there, I promise. After a while it will become kind of a habit, a lifestyle change, and not a chore. Once you are happy with your appearance, you can scale back your cardio to 3 sessions a week, of 20-25 minutes per session to maintain your new shape.

Your Thigh’s Kryptonite

That said, there are certain things that you must absolutely avoid if you want to lose size in your thighs. These are, in no particular order:

1. Stop riding your bicycle. It’s an unspoken rule amongst people who get bigger thighs by simply thinking about them (or at least, it can seem like that) to never get on a bike. Cycling has the rather unfortunate effect of puffing up a set of thighs like nothing else can – particularly if you’re prone to gaining muscle on your thighs easily. It’s important to use running as your main source of cardio if your goal is to lose size in your thighs.

2. Stop squatting, deadlifting, lunging, or any other forms of leg exercises which require you to use weight as resistance. These exercises will put on muscle mass – not remove it. They will contribute to you losing fat, but it’s important to note that this fat will be burned from all over your body (as there is no such thing as spot reduction, unless you get liposuction), and again, build muscle mass and size in your thighs (something you don’t want), not to mention the fact that these exercises simply don’t do as good a job at burning fat as marathon cardio (nothing does).

One thing that you must do in order to make sure your marathon cardio is effective is eat the correct amount of food every day. No matter how much you run, if you’re eating more calories than your body is burning in a day, you will NOT lose weight. The math just doesn’t add up. The rule supersedes all others when it comes to weight loss.

If you make sure that you’re eating less calories than you’re burning in a day, you will lose weight. It’s as simple as that.

Lastly, your thighs aren’t going to magically change overnight. No amount of exercise, dieting, so-called “magic” pills, or prayer will do that. However, with diligence, consistency, and a little hard work, you’ll start to see positive results in about 3 weeks. I’d say good luck, but this isn’t about luck. You know what to do – do it!

– Josh


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  • Question – what if you integrate marathon running with weightlifting (deadlifts, squats, etc)? I’d like to reduce my thighs but really would hate giving up lifting (not a super intense lifter – crossfit 4 times a week with moderate lifting added).

    • Josh Vales

      That combination will give you extremely toned looking thighs/butt. The marathon running will keep your muscles at relative bay – so go ahead and do both if you love doing them. They effect some people more than others.

  • Does working out on a elliptical machine work as well? I don’t have a treadmill and it really isn’t convenient to run where I live. Too many cars and other things around.

    • Josh Vales

      The elliptical is great for fat burning. It won’t make your legs bigger or anything like that. It just doesn’t quite have the same effect as running when it comes to reducing the size of your legs. That said, depending on your genetics, the elliptical may do the job decent enough – it’s just not as much of a sure bet as running. Hopefully this helps!


  • How about a Nordic Track ski machine with no leg resistance? Is it a good alternative to running or should I stick with the running?

    • Josh Vales

      It is a great workout, and it will help you lose weight. It won’t have quite the same effect on your legs as running outdoors will, but depending on your genetics, you should still see some reduction in size.

  • Good to know, but will it reduce the muscle in my legs? My problem is muscle at this point. I had to stop running due to a lung infection and a broken rib.

    • Josh Vales

      It won’t do a great job of reducing the muscle in your leg, especially if you use any amount of resistance (which is quite necessary to get a good fat-burning workout). However, it IS better than nothing.

  • Will running for an hour and a half 6 days a week help burn more fat more quickly. (this is not a problem as I play sports and am athletically inclined.) also, how will this affect my previously built musculature?

    • Josh Vales

      It definitely would, though an hour and a half a day isn’t necessary, you could get away with just 1 hour if you were so inclined. As far as how it affects your current muscles, that depends entirely on your diet. If you’re eating enough to maintain your bodyweight (even with the running), then your upper body should remain relatively unchanged. Your legs will probably lose some muscle size as you go on, but you can mitigate this effect with your diet.

  • does this mean no circuit training that includes squats and lunges? or are they ok as long as no weights are involved?

    • Josh Vales

      Squats will put muscle on your legs faster than anything else. If you’re wanting to streamline their appearance it’s best to stay away from them. Though, if you’re eating a calorie deficit on a daily basis, their effect won’t be substantial.


  • Is the treadmill going to give the same effect? Right now i do 40 on elliptical and around 25-30 treadmill changing the incline and speed no running,due to extreme asthma

    • Josh Vales

      Treadmill is a close second, though as you can see in this article: The Treadmill vs. Running Outside – it’s not quite as good as running outside!

      What you’re doing right now sounds like it will be effective. Hope this helps,


  • hi, I have really big calf muscles and thighs from martial arts but recently had knee surgery but really want to lose the muscle (i know so many people want big calfs but i hate mine) i want to shrink and define mine- Any suggestions? Tracy x

    • Josh Vales

      Calves are tough, certainly the toughest part of the leg to slim down. Watch your diet, and follow this advice on running, and that’s the best you can do. Calves have the largest genetic component. Thanks for commenting! Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Thanks for the information on calves and thighs. It is hard to find a recommendation that seems accurate from previous experience. Most sites tell you to love your gigantic calves, instead of telling you how to get a lean look that you are after.

  • So will this regimen of 1.5 hours of marathon cardio/roadwork a day for 6 days a week reduce fat all over my body with time, and not just be limited to my thighs? (i.e. gluteus Maximus, stomach)?

    • Josh Vales

      It will most definitely reduce fat all over your body – it’s impossible to spot reduce! Thanks for dropping by the site,


  • Bobby

    The write-up provides proven useful to myself. It’s very
    helpful and you’re naturally extremely educated of this type. You get exposed our sight in order to varying opinion of this specific subject matter together with interesting and solid articles.

  • Hey, I was just wondering how long should I run if I really want to shrink my thighs? And if I’m trying to lose weight there should I stop eating sweats? And what kind of food do you think will help the most well trying to lose weight?

    • Josh Vales

      Hi Lily,

      You should try and run for about 45-60 minutes at a time if your goal is a reduction in the size of your thighs. Also, you should reduce the amount of sweets you’re eating if you’re trying to lose weight. Excess sugar should be avoided whenever possible. In terms of food choices, try and pick natural, whole foods. Meats, vegetables, fruit, water, etc. Hope this helps!


  • How much protein and carbs should i eat a day.And how long should i wait to go running after eating.

    • Josh Vales

      I would wait at least 30 minutes to give your body some time to digest. I tend to advise people to eat around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. Carbs very depending on what your goal is, and how resistant you are to weight gain with them. Hope this helps,


  • Hi Josh,

    Is there a chance that long distance low intensity running won’t work for everyone? No matter how much I exercise or maintain a healthy diet – I just am not seeing the results I’m after.


    • Josh Vales

      Those with thyroid issues will have trouble losing weight regardless of what they do. Also, if you are not eating a daily calorie deficit, you will struggle to see results. What is your diet like? Have you had success losing weight in the past?


      • Hi Josh,
        I have had my thyroid tested on several occasions and it’s functioning within the normal range. I have not reduced my caloric intake, however I know for a fact I haven’t increased it either. I’m only taking in 1,000 calories a day and running (outside…not the treadmill) 5 times a week for 50 minutes. My diet consists of lean meats such as chicken, no red meat, salads, veggies and some fruit and egg whites. I stay away from bread, pasta and potatoes. However, I do like cereal in the morning with fat free milk and that’s usually Kashi. Not sure what’s going on and hiring a nutritionist/personal trainer at this point is financially not an option.

  • hi josh,
    how fast do i need to run because if i run to fast wouldn’t i be gaining more muscles ?

    • Josh Vales

      At a pace that you can keep up for at least 45 minutes.


  • I read some articles that running actually will make my thighs grow bigger, is that true? or actually it also depends on the amount of time spent on running? Currently I run 3 times a week, each workout about 30-45 minutes with a run-walk option, does it help to reduce the size of my leg?

    • Josh Vales

      It really depends on your diet, what weight bearing exercises you are doing, and the length and style of your running. If you’re jogging for long periods of time (45+ minutes), at least 3 times a week, this will absolutely help reduce the size of your legs. Hope this helps,


  • Do you have any suggestions on what foods I should be eating and what foods I should stay away from?

  • Hi,

    I’m not a massive fan of running I find it hard to enjoy, but I am a good swimmer and enjoy this. Can swimming have a good effect and help loose weight on my legs or will it build the muscle.? If it does still have a good effect what strokes and exercises do you recommend?

  • Hi, what should I do if I hit a runner’s plateau. Should I just keep running or should I change it up. Also, does turbo kickboxing make legs bulky.

    • Josh Vales

      Take a break, change your routine, add in some HIIT running. Try biking, the elliptical, swimming, or rowing for a while and then come back to running.

      I’m not exactly sure how turbo kickboxing differs from normal kickboxing, but normal kickboxing will tend to put some muscle on your legs. It really depends on your diet, though in general, it will give your legs a nice toned look.

  • Ed

    Love your blog, it’s helped me focus on the important aspects of losing weight. Cheers.

  • Hi Josh,
    would running help reduce my inner thighs?

    • Josh Vales

      Absolutely Francis!

  • Hi Josh, I was a little confused about the muscle stuff. You said that riding a bike would gain muscle, and running is the best option. What confused me is that, why would riding bike gain muscle while running don’t? I mean both are exercise, so what’s makes them different?

    • Josh Vales

      Running requires less direct work on your quads than biking. Biking will inflate your quads (not in a bad way), but if you’re looking to lose overall size, biking lacks the reducing effect that running offers. Look up pictures on google of any long distance endurance runners, do you see any with large legs? And what about bikers? Hope this helps,


  • Even if we do manage to lose weight without dieting help has bagged recognition from
    the doctors. A good way to finish yo-yo Dieting Help? Cycling your calories can help.

    I need to stay away from the TV and do something about it, I thought as I
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  • Does boxing slim your thighs?

    • Josh Vales

      It won’t have much of an influence on your thighs. However, if you’re seriously training to box, then long bouts of ‘marathon’ cardio are part of the process, and this will definitely help slim your thighs. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Josh, great article first off. This is very helpful and has defiantly answered a lot of my questions. I just want to know though. I’m doing HIIT running and straight after I’m doing weights on my legs but low weights and longer reps. Is this right? Should I eliminate HIIT all together and just do 45 minutes of long distance running instead and forget about the weights. I feel as those my muscles are bulking up but the fat is still there. I’ve been exercising for 5 years now and still no results 🙁 I’ve never been able to wear shorts, dresses or skirts let alone a pair of jeans and I’m just desperate now for someone to steer me in the right direction. Please help.

    • Josh Vales

      Stop doing HIIT running. Stop using weights on your legs. Do 45-60 minute sessions of long distance cardio and watch your diet CLOSELY. Choose smarter foods, it’s quite possible you’re eating too much. If you haven’t seen results in 5 years, you’re doing something wrong. Don’t keep doing what hasn’t been working, you already know it won’t get you the results you want. Change it up. What does your diet normally look like?


      • Thanks Josh. I’ve stopped doing HIIT and weights. Ill just purely run. My diet is a little all over the shop. I think I just need to start being more consistent. I tend to eat well but when I don’t see the results I go back to eating whatever I want. My relationship with food is not good and I’m seeing a nutritionist. But thanks again for your advice. I’m starting now 🙂

  • I am running on treadmill Speed @ 9. Is it that fast? My legs are bigger than before now. That’s not what I want. I want to lose weight at the same time have skinny legs. Could you please advice am I doing wrongly ?

    • Josh Vales

      Is it possible for you to run outside instead? How long are you running for? Also, what does your diet usually consist of?


  • Will running 10k for 6 days a week be a good choice? Even though you say that you should only run for 45-60min. A 10k for me is about 75min. Im trying to slim down my thighs.

    Thx for the great article!

    • Josh Vales

      You can do that, it might be a bit hard on your joints! If you can manage that amount if really dependent on you. If you find yourself gassing after a couple weeks of this, just limiting the time.

      Hope this helps!


  • Hi josh. I was wondering does running also slim down your upper body. I really need to lose weight and fat on my arms and back. There is just too much flab. What other exercises should I do for upper body? Thank you

  • Alethea Thomsen

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  • Hazel

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  • I’ve taken up running in the last six months or so, trying for 10k (about 55 min) 3 times a week, and shorter runs combined with elliptical, weights and Pilates class on the other days. My upper legs definitely seem bigger (I’ve always had thin legs before). My diet is pretty much the same. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

    • Josh Vales

      You sound like you’re doing a lot more activity in general right now. This may very well be manifesting itself in the form of more muscularity in your legs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on your goals. Your muscles may be pumped up after activity, and any adipose tissue covering it might not have had a chance to burn off yet. Follow your results closely and let me know if it keeps up.


  • What will happen if I run more than one hour? Thanks 🙂

    • Josh Vales

      Nothing bad will happen! You’ll burn more calories, and it will be tougher on your body and your joints. If you enjoy running for long distances and don’t have any physical ailments stopping you from doing so, there’s no real reason you can’t do it if you want to.

  • Hey Josh,
    If I decide to run on the treadmill, what speed? 5.5 or 6? Also, is it just as effective to run/walk until I can reach 45min of running continuously?

    Is it okay to lift heavy on upper body or should I do light weights?
    Is it okay to do lunges and squats without weight or just do none at all?

  • Steph Ruberto

    Hi josh. I’m struggling to decrease the size of my calf muscles. They just seem to be growing bigger when I measure them. I am running well over the 45min mark. And I do eat healthy ( I see a nutritionist) but what am I doing wrong? They are defiantly growing bigger. I don’t do squats or lunges. The only weights I do are on my upper body. Help!!

    • Josh Vales

      Calves are probably THE most stubborn body part when it comes to losing fat or building muscle on them Steph, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Running tends to go either way for people. It can slim down calves and nicely shape them for some people, or it can cause them to balloon a bit. It’s certainly highly dictated my genetics, maybe more so than most other body parts. I will be writing an article on this topic within the month most likely (after further research). Also check out my article on losing muscle from you legs here.

      If you don’t want to wait that long, I have no hesitation is suggestion Visual Impact for Women. Visual Impact for Women has solutions on how to decrease muscle mass, if you feel you are too bulky. Here’s a description from one of the chapters (Chapter 19: How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose) of Visual Impact for Women:
      “Legions of women have muscular thighs and calves that they would like to make slim and defined. This is common especially with women who have been given poor training advice. Despite this being a taboo subject, I’m going to give you a strategy that works.“ – Rusty Moore, Author of Visual Impact.

  • Chloe Hill

    Hi Josh, I’m really struggling here. I joined a track club two years ago and over the course of about 5 months I became over trained. Naturally over the course of those months my body began to adapt to the increased running that I was doing – my breasts and hips were shrinking and my legs were bulking up – I went from a willowy hourglass figure to beginning to look like a guy. I stopped biking and using the elliptical machine to devote myself soley to running. I finally quit the track club after 5 months because I wasn’t getting any faster and my lower back and hip were consistently sore and tight. I decided that competitive running wasn’t for me and that I wanted the pain to end and to get my womanly body back. I figured if I just cut back all would return to the way it was. I reduced my mileage and the intensity of my workouts. That didn’t help. After about a year of light running and visits to the orthopedists, a physiatrist and a physical therapist I wasn’t making much progress so I just completely stopped all exercise except for walking. I saw a bit of progress. My brother who is a doctor said that maybe I burned through all my fat reserves during this training stint so I started to eat a bunch more foods and especially more fatty foods. I saw a little more progress – I started to get my breasts back and a bit of my hips. Then I started to bike to engage the muscles that I neglected during the training stint. I saw a bunch of progress here but that plateaued. So I added the elliptical and I saw a bunch more progress with that. My body still hasn’t bounced back and I still have a lot of lower back and hip pain. The way my body distributes fat is all messed up. My thigh muscles are still huge but my hips are still slim so I think it’s creating some sort of imbalance which is causing the pain in my lower back. At least my breasts are back. When ever I try to run (even slow and easy) it seems to put my body back into this crazy state again where my breasts and hips shrink and my thigh muscles bulk up and the pain in my lower back and hips is intensified and it takes me a week to recover. I use to love running but I’m afraid I will never be able to do it again. The orthopedists and physiatrists keep recommending that I do more physical therapy which only seemed to make things worse and create more imbalance. Do you have any idea of what is going on with my body and how to fix it? I’m at my ropes end here!

    • You seem to have tried many things. At this point, I would just completely stop all exercise for a certain amount of time (at your discretion), and go back to eating the way you did before you did your training. Do this for a decent amount of time and try to let your body “reset” itself a bit. It seems like running is causing you this distress so I’d say keep away from that during this process.

      • Chloe Hill

        Thanks for your response!

        • Annie E

          Hey Chloe, I’m not an expert just here for some friendly advice, maybe you should consider adding some yoga nd Pilates to your routine, focus on getting proper teaching of the technique and this should help to restabilize your hips and back and develop all the intricate muscles that surround all the joints and bones that create your running motion. It sounds like your legs are overcompensating for those back and maybe even inner core muscles that are so important in making your body function efficiently and make it function the way that all those parts are meant to work together..l good luck!


          • Chloe Hill

            Hi Annie, Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your response. I’ve made a lot of progress since my last post but I’m not quite out of the woods yet. I think you pretty much nailed what’s been going on. I’ve figured out that my gluteal muscles became really weakened – probably some atrophy – and to compensate for the weakness, other muscles (a lot of them in the legs) dominated and imbalance ensued. I’ve been doing gluteal (clam shells and leg lifts) and pelvic floor exercises and those seems to be helping. I have a lot of lower back pain and some pain in my hip joints and at the top of my hips. My body seems to be balancing out to some degree but it’s not quite there yet. The core exercises I’ve tried (except for “scared cats”) seem to make my condition worse. I’ve tried bridges and the ones where one’s knees and hands are on the floor and you raise the left arm and right leg, hold and reverse. My back just stiffens right up and becomes very sore. I saw a physiatrist (my 3rd) who said it’s going to take some time to build the muscles back up. Maybe I just need to be patient. Are there any particular exercises that you could recommend to me?

    • LadyVonZetien

      Running is not good for women’s looks, because it can burn too much fat off the wrong spots, like your face and your boobs, and because I believe it activates testosterone production (almost all exercise does this, but more so running, and too much testosterone will make you less feminine looking). So you end up with a flat face and droopy flat boobs, Best thing for legs and fitness for women is dancing, but you have to do a whole lot of dancing, and it should include ballet movements and stretching. Look at JLo, she has nice legs even though they are not skinny. I am sorry you are having so many problems. Be careful, don’t push yourself too much. Moderation in all things.

  • Guest

    Who would of thought that everyone is different?

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  • Lori

    I have a bad knee and can’t run. 🙁 Any other suggestions? ?

    • Josh Vales, CPT

      Swimming is fantastic exercise for the whole body! But of course, diet is key. If you’re eating too much, no matter what you do you won’t lose weight from your legs (or anywhere else for that matter). While running might be the absolute best in this regard, other exercises like the elliptical and rower will help too.

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  • I was in the no. 3 category but been trying to keep fit by crossfit and of course some 30 min. run with a buddy. I recommend this too, it will not only tone your thighs but will keep your blood flowing, so all your organs receive regular supply of oxygen and normal blood flow. This is really good. Thanks for your simple explanation.

  • Amber Bastedo

    Hey, just a question: I have always had large thighs and a big butt. Think Kim K. No not that big really but sometimes it feels that way! Anyway, I’ve been losing weight for a couple years now and although my upper body has shrunk, not so much in my thighs and butt. Just wondering if marathon running also gets rid of some bulk in the behind region as i do admit to doing numerous squats!? Thank you!

    • Josh Vales, CPT

      Hey Amber,

      Marathon running with ABSOLUTELY help someone in your scenario. It will definitely slim down that bulk that squatting will add. Try it for a while and see for yourself!


  • Meg Palicka

    This is seriously an article? Why on Earth would you EVER want to encourage someone to lose their muscles!?! First of all, muscle is far more metabolically active. So, the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you burn in a day. Which means, if you put MUSCLE on your body, the FAT on your legs will more than likely start to burn off because of your increased metabolic rate. Ie, SLIMMER LEGS! This seriously sickens me that you are peddling this crap to women that they should chase this ridiculous goal of having thigh gap-thin thighs! Why don’t you teach people that lifting weights to build muscle combined with a clean, calorie-balanced diet will ultimately make your body look and feel amazing!?

    • Josh Vales, CPT

      Hi Meg,

      Thanks for adding to this discussion. For many people, a progressive weight training routine and a calorie and macronutrient controlled diets is indeed indicated. If you spend any amount of time poking around this site, you’ll notice that this is of course encouraged.

      However, this article is pointed towards one very specific goal; namely, reducing the size of the thighs. To effectively do this, you can reduce fat, reduce muscle, or both. When in a caloric deficit, you will lose some muscle along with fat, no matter how well your diet is laid out. To say otherwise would be misleading.

      Not everyone has the same fitness goals or the same body. Some people might have very large thighs and both muscle and fat contributes to their problem. For those people, advice like this is very good and very helpful. Don’t make the mistake that everyone has the same fitness goals. As we say in the industry, your mileage may vary (YMMV).

      As for you assertion that muscle burns more than fat, this is true. However, muscle burns approximately 6 calories per pound. Fat burns about 2 calories per pound. Therefore, muscle only burns about 4 calories per pound if you were to simply add muscle to your frame (not possible to do without adding some fat as well, but for the purposes of this discussion we’ll ignore this). So, say you were able to add 10 pounds to your frame through months and months of diligent, careful eating and weight training. This would be hard to do, especially since women have a much harder time putting on muscle mass naturally, and it would only result in roughly an extra 40 calories being burned per day. That amount is so small and so negligible that it’s almost not worth mentioning. If you’re interested in burning calories, adding muscle is pretty much the LAST thing you should consider. A brief walk could easily burn more calories than that and wouldn’t take nearly as much effort over the long haul.

      Hope this helps clear things up for you,


    • marie

      why so bitter?also, you can be a healthy weight and still have a nice-looking thigh gap! Some of us women want to have one, stop speaking for all of us!

      • Meg Palicka

        When you are 70 and can’t stand up off the toilet because you have no muscle and your bones are so brittle, let me know how worth it that thigh gap was at 20.

        • Ashley Baron

          she said “nice looking thigh gap” HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

    • Kim Gaskarth

      I agree with you, Meg. When i started working out with a trainer, i did most of those exercises this article said not to do lol (except cycling). I noticed visible changes within a few weeks. My legs got firmer because of the muscles i’ve gained and my thighs looked slimmer because fat was burned. This is article is a load of crap.

  • Thalita

    Hi there! I tend to bulk up my legs very easily and I also have thick arms but mostly due to the amount of fat. Will swimming help me slimming down overall? (I mean, lose weight in my tighs and fat in my arms?) I saw here that running is the best, but my knees hurt and I honestly HATE running lol
    thanks for the help!

    • Josh Vales, CPT

      Swimming is a fantastic exercise! It will help you achieved a “toned” look, absolutely. Running is the best for reducing the size of your legs, but if you have knee problems, then swimming is a good alternative that will still help you get where you want to go.

  • Sally Svendsen

    I am 67 years of age and work out 5 times a week but I have
    loose skin from weight loss. Can runing help this skin shrink!!

    • Josh Vales, CPT

      Time will be the most effective thing for this unfortunately!